Thoughts on WWDC 2008

I've had a great time at WWDC this year. The sessions and labs were great, but for me the best part of it was meeting plenty of people. Some I had spoken with on the mailing lists, but mostly I spoke to new people I bumped into the keynote queue or at parties. Plenty of events happened in the evenings. I assumed I would be doing some coding, but I would slump gratefully into my bed each night.

Thoughts on WWDC 2008

Fixing PHP PDO after Mac OS X Update

A Mac is set up to do web development out of the box, but I decided to build PHP 5 and MySQL 5 from source for a number of reasons. I prefer to use PHP’s PDO wrapper in my data access layer, not those database specific mysql_* functions. So I followed the instructions at HiveLogic and others.

But when I updated my Mac OS X to 10.5.3 I lost the MySQL PDO configuration. This had also happened when I installed previous 10.5 updates. Fortunately I had kept my configuration in a script. So if you too want to re-configure the PHP PDO for MySQL on your Mac, here is what to do.

Open terminal and cd to you php directory. then run configure:

	'./configure' \
	'--prefix=/Users/matt/php' '--with-xsl=/usr' \
	'--with-apxs2=/usr/sbin/apxs' '--with-ldap=/usr' \
	'--with-kerberos=/usr' '--enable-cli' \
	'--with-zlib-dir=/usr' '--enable-trans-sid' \
	'--with-xml' '--enable-exif' '--enable-ftp' \
	'--enable-mbstring' '--enable-mbregex' \
	'--enable-dbx' '--enable-sockets' \
	'--with-iodbc=/usr' '--with-curl=/usr' \
	'--with-config-file-path=/etc' \
	'--sysconfdir=/private/etc' \
	'--with-pdo' \
	'--with-pdo-mysql=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config' \
	'--with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql' \
	'--with-mysql-sock=/tmp/mysql.sock' \
	'--with-openssl' '--with-xmlrpc' \
	'--without-pear' \

You might want to put that mouthful in a shell script and call it something witty like Now run:



	sudo make install

Now you should be able to restart apache (from either the command line or from System Preferences > Sharing panel) but that has not worked for me. I had to restart the OS.

Fixing PHP PDO after Mac OS X Update

Some Recent History

Matt West
Hello. I’m Matt West. I’m a programmer living in West Yorkshire in the UK. I am learning how to write applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but I want to explain why I want to do that, and how I came to begin that.

An iPod Shuffle

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to receive a first generation iPod Shuffle as a gift. This was the third MP3 player I had had, but the two earlier ones were awful to use. The Shuffle’s good physical design, ease-of-use, and reliability first turned me on to Apple products.

Around that same time I came across Rails and attended RailsConf in London and saw first hand how people with Mac computers were a happy bunch. So I bought a MacBook, and have enjoyed using it since then.

Cocoa training course

Spurred on by the inspirational writing of Mac developers such as Wil Shipley and Daniel Jalkut, I began learning Cocoa but found it quite tough to learn in snatched moments out of life with my wife and our two young children. I would not say Cocoa is hard, it is a graceful framework. But there is a lot to learn when starting out in Mac development. So I took a week off work (unusual for a contractor I know) in November 2007 to attend the brilliant Cocoa development course run by Paul and Liz Lynch down in beautiful Old Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire. The course was a week long, and very intense – there was just me attending. Paul is a good lecturer, and is very knowledgeable and approachable so makes for a good tutor. I cross-examined him at every stage of the day, every day (the poor man!). Thanks Paul. I recommend this course; I found out about it through seeing the ads on the ADC mailing list.

Leopard Tech Talk

In December I went to the Leopard Tech Talk in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was really nice to meet up with a few people from the very useful and always thought-provoking MacSB mailing list / group.

Even though many people are excited about Core Animation, my favourite Leopard feature is the super-fast Spotlight search facility to launch applications, look up words in the dictionary, oh and search for things too. Under Tiger, I used to use LaunchBar and QuickSilver to launch applications using keyboard shortcuts. I have not bothered to install those apps, because I just use Spotlight. It is possible to integrate in to Spotlight by writing an importer for your app. This is called by Spotlight when a user searches for something. Like so much of Mac programming, it nostalgically reminds me of coding for the Palm OS; you would write a routine in your Palm app to respond to a Find launch code.

iPhone Development

By the beginning of 2008 I had a small Mac application in development but hadn’t got as far as I’d like to with it. Then I was delighted when Apple announced the SDK for the iPhone and iPod Touch. So I have been busy since then. I must admit its a bit of a struggle because I am still doing Enterprise Java systems for a living during the day.

So I am going to abandon my family once again for a week by going to this year’s Apple WWDC. I am over the moon about it. It will be my first time to California.

Some Recent History