NSManchester November Meeting

On Wednesday night I attended the NSManchester Cocoa programming meeting organized by Dave Verwer of Shiny Developments. NSManchester is a sort-of Cocoaheads Manchester chapter. I was fortunate enough to meet Dave and Andrew at WWDC earlier this year.

The venue was MDDA in Portland Street (1 minute up from the McDonald’s on Oxford Road). Its a very nice contemporary venue.

Dave gave a good presentation on iPhone development. He presented a simple app show Twitter posts in a UITableView. We also talked about publishing to the AppStore. Unfortunately I haggled/added/cross-examined more than the other attendees (sorry Dave). Most of us went to the pub afterwards. We geeked out, debugged a bit, and I demonstrated my iPhone game Zombies to a few people.

I must admit I don’t use the fashionable social networking tools on the web much, but I do love meeting people in real life. Its fun to gauge reactions, bounce ideas around, see other sides of the coin.

The plan is to make NSManchester a regular event for the first Thursday each month, so if you’re in the North of England and interested in iPhone or Mac development please come along. The next one is Thursday 4 December 2008. Have a look at the group’s Google Group and Upcoming pages.

NSManchester November Meeting

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